Salon Owners and Managers: What's PHAB to you?

When Employing

A salon employing PHAB Standard approved professionals (stylists, colourists, barbers, beauty therapists or nail technicians) is a great salon, deservedly enjoying a loyal, satisfied clientele and exceptional business success.

Your PHAB Standard professionals are better than average, achieving greater retail sales, productivity and repeat business, with their sights set on excellence, PHAB Standard professionals will help to develop salon revenue in the following ways:

INCREASED RETAIL SALES. PHAB professionals take the time to discuss, understand and solve their customers' hair and beauty needs and, for that reason (and not because they’re pushy) they'll increase your salon's retail product sales. Ching!
REPEAT CUSTOM. PHAB professionals give excellent service, so your salon becomes known for the quality of its advice and customer care, attracting loyal, returning customers, positive referrals and more business. Ching, ching!
SELLING MORE SERVICES. When PHAB professionals talk to customers about their hair, skin and nailcare needs, they'll identify and sell more salon services (colour, treatments, facials, nail extensions for example) to solve the problem, creating even more business. Ching, ching, ching!
COLUMNS ARE FULL. Your PHAB professionals are the customers' favourites, always in demand and always busy. So their columns are always full and making a profit for your salon. Ching, ching, ching, ching!
TIME FOR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Your PHAB professionals are highly motivated and much better at self-management than the 'run of the mill' practitioner. This frees up your time for other important management areas – such as marketing and initiatives that can develop your business.
DRIVING YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD. PHAB professionals take ownership of their columns and run them profitably, helping you drive business forward. With their minds focused on their own and the salon’s profit, they’ll share the responsibility for revenue and customer retention

And because PHAB identifies professionals who develop long-term customer relationships and thrive on repeat business, PHAB standards promote higher levels of staff retention, helping you keep the ones who prefer to stick around. Result!

Plus, as more PHAB professionals qualify, attaining higher and higher standards, the range and level of PHAB standards will expand, helping you increase profitability in more of your salon's business areas.

When Recruiting

When interviewing new team members, seek out any PHAB Standard approved professionals amongst your applicants. Or better still, specify PHAB approved Why? Because:

PHAB is our industry's international seal of approval, providing proof of performance and confirming an applicant's skill set, professionalism, retail sales, productivity and customer retention skills.
PHAB makes you better able to judge the calibre of your applicants even before you invite them for interview. Basically, a professional can't be PHAB qualified unless they've met strict business and customer care focused criteria, giving you the confidence to take their application further.
PHAB makes you better able to judge pay and commission for your new recruit. If they're PHAB approved, they'll bring more revenue into your salon.
Aligning your salon's pay structure to PHAB standards (currently Bronze, Silver and Gold) will also give you a much tighter control on payroll costs.
And remember, PHAB standards promote higher levels of staff retention, helping you keep the ones who prefer to stick around.

The benefits to your business qualifying for a PHAB Standard.

Don't keep it a secret if you've got PHAB Standard staff on board! Your customers and potential customers will be looking for PHAB approved professionals so shout it from the roof tops. And, when you employ PHAB approved staff, as a little 'thank-you' and to help your business along its way, we'll give you a certificate, window stickers and a counter-top trophy to promote the fact. In addition, we will send you a 'fill in the blanks' press release to send to your local and trade press, to promote your team's professionalism and terrific acheivement. Also available to your business for FREE are the on-line PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service EXAMS. One for each of your productive team members (quoted in your application). This way, you can use the exams to maintain the quality and consistency of your customer service all year long.

We guide you on how to approach your local consumer press about your success, thereby giving you maximum exposure to your target clientele. We add your photographs and details to our website. We publish your accomplishments on the consumer website so customers can find your business. We invite you to blog on and pin photos of your team's recent work on PHAB's Pinterest and Tumblr sites so consumers can get a feel for your style. Lastly, we encourage you to talk to us regularly on Facebook and Twitter so we can publicise your standards of excellence.