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Trevor Sorbie MBE
Trevor Sorbie International PLC

Michael Van Clarke
Michael Van Clarke

Daniel Galvin
Daniel Galvin

Lisa Shepherd,
Lisa Shepherd Salons

There is no doubt that Britain leads the way when it comes to creativity in our industry, but it is time we put the same energy and focus into measuring the performances of our salons and stylists. By doing so, we can be confident that the clients expectations are always exceeded, and the future of British hairdressing continues to lead the way.

Client retention through consistently professional customer care is the essential ingredient in any sustainably successful business. In hairdressing, effective ethical retailing is a key measure of client care between salon visits which also impacts on client loyalty. I fully support the PHAB initiative for raising awareness of these vitally important benchmarks

It has always been my goal to ensure that my salon is not only at the forefront of the hairdressing industry for innovation and creativity but also that the passion for service and care offered by myself and my staff is the very best it can be.  The benchmark the establishment of PHAB is now laying down will help ensure that best of British hairdressing receives the credibility and respect it deserves.

I believe every hairdresser and salon working hard to maintain professional standards of customer service should be rewarded in a way both the industry and the consumer recognise. So I am pro all organisations which dedicate their aims in this way to our industry. What I like about PHAB’s standards is that they encourage every hairdresser to take responsibility for their own learning and own performance, instead of relying solely on the salon owner.

Phil Smith
Phil Smith

Gary Hooker & Michael Young,
Hooker & Young

Nico Neocleous,

Paul Griffin
Zenith Hairdressing

It is about time our industry stood up and recognised the salons and stylists that are dedicated to offering the best possible hairdressing experience to the consumer. Measuring performance is crucial in all businesses and motivates people to consistently do their best and be proud of their standards. Britain is creativity recognised for it’s hairdressing standards and I am confident PHAB will bring the business side of the industry into line.

PHAB is long overdue. These standards recognise the business success of individuals, salons and spas which work tirelessly to give clients the very best we have to offer. These businesses and those who run hugely successful columns are the backbone of the hair and beauty industry and without them, creativity could not flourish.

Well it's about time a standard such as PHAB arrived in the hair industry! Until now, catwalk and session stylists have taken the limelight for creating celebrity looks. But now, thanks to PHAB, all the hairdressers, barbers and colourists who create these styles every day and make sure customers are over the moon and happy with their hair when they leave the salon are able to prove they’re providing an outstanding contribution to the industry.

I’ve witnessed the need for business standards for hairdressers, especially those who want to excel and set themselves apart. Until now, monitoring and gauging their success was subjective and time consuming. Now with the PHAB tool I can measure individuals’ salon performance and reward them accordingly. Part of being successful is to let others know how well you’re doing, so I’m looking forward to writing the press releases to let our existing and potential clients know when my stylists achieve their PHAB standards.

Grant Manser
Jelly Beanz

Fiona Russell
Scott & Co

Ian Broderick
CV Hair & Beauty

Dom Miguele
Miguele Experience

Thanks to PHAB Standards, customers can at last make decisions about which salon to choose based on facts. And that doesn’t just mean the best salons or spas, but which stylists, colourists, barbers, beauty therapists and nail technicians within the business provide and maintain the highest customer service standards year after year.

I’m delighted about PHAB! At last – an industry standard to help grow my business. I now have my team working to exceed industry performance levels in retail and client retention – two measurements that I consider key to the success of any business. This is a fantastic tool for independent salon owners like me to thrive and survive.

At last - a standard measure for the unsung heroes of our trade. PHAB's high standards are easily achievable if you get staff to focus on what’s important: listening to and resolving client concerns to make sure they return. Measuring retail sales and client retention figures gives a complete picture of the individual's capability – great news for the trade in many ways. So well done PHAB – these standards make for easier staffing decisions right through to promoting your business.

PHAB Standard is a true innovation! It’s easy to use and will motivate salon teams to raise their standards by improving the key skills which contribute to a better client experience. Ultimately, they’ll attract and retain more clients who will increase their average spend. This is exactly what we need to enable us to grow our business today in a challenging economic climate.

Jon Macleod

Mark Leeson
Mark Leeson Hair, Body & Mind

Kathryn Longmuir,

Errol Douglas MBE,
Errol Douglas

Britain leads the world of hairdressing, this is something we all agree on and are proud of. The continued commitment by British stylists to improve and develop their skills along with the British consumer’s hair being a high priority to them ensures we are difficult to beat. It is important we maintain this high standard, but we need measurements in place to evaluate ourselves and to monitor our progression as an industry.

It's about time an industry standard was set. PHAB is a great communication tool between the client and stylist, further enhancing the relationship. I'm PHAB and will be encouraging my team to get PHAB too!

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Ken Eastwood

Lorenzo Colangelo

Leo Bancroft

Luke Halford

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We have been very impressed with our initial testing of the PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exam and can see many uses for it within our business. Including and especially to help with increasing our current team's Customer Service Skills and identifying areas for improvement together with using it during our recruitment of new stylists following their trade tests and as an aid to measuring when a stylist is ready for a promotion. We can't wait to get started implementing the PHAB exams!