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Daniel Galvin

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Karen Hyam

It has always been my goal to ensure that my salon is not only at the forefront of the hairdressing industry for innovation and creativity but also that the passion for service and care offered by myself and my staff is the very best it can be.  The benchmark the establishment of PHAB is now laying down will help ensure that best of British hairdressing receives the credibility and respect it deserves.

I believe every hairdresser and salon working hard to maintain professional standards of customer service should be rewarded in a way both the industry and the consumer recognise. So I am pro all organisations which dedicate their aims in this way to our industry. What I like about PHAB’s standards is that they encourage every hairdresser to take responsibility for their own learning and own performance, instead of relying solely on the salon owner.

It's about time an industry standard was set. PHAB is a great communication tool between the client and stylist, further enhancing the relationship. I'm PHAB and will be encouraging my team to get PHAB too!

Being passionate about hairdressing, I have found PHAB to be a great tool for monitoring different aspects of our jobs as salon professionals. It offers our clients reassurance and confidence that they are in professional hands. If customer care and loyalty is important to you, you need to be PHAB.