Hair & Beauty Business Helpline

Hair and Beauty Managers listen up!

Professional or management problem bugging you?

Want to resolve it quickly with a proven industry troubleshooter?

Private one to one telephone, Skype and FaceTime consultations with renowned, business guru, Nergish Wadia-Austin now available in 15 minute units.

Want just a quick chat? one.

Half an hour better for you? two.

Need more time? ...Just scale get the picture!

How to buy your 15 minute units

We shall be in touch once you have bought your units of time either: online at and clicking on the H&B Business Helpline button, or by calling + 44 (0)208 840 9070 with your credit or debit card or by emailing [email protected] with your request.

We shall do our best to be in touch by the end of that day to arrange a time and choice of phone, Skype or FaceTime consultation for your booked time units.

COST: Each 15 minute unit is charged at GBP 42.00 (that's GBP 35 + VAT) where applicable. You need to decide how much time you will need.

At the end of your session, should you require it, we are happy to extend the time as long as you have a debit or credit card with you and subject to Nergish not having an an appointment immediately after yours.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have via email or telephone.