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The PHAB Professionalism   Customer Service Exams (PPCSEs) are the only exams specifically designed for, and by, the hair, beauty and nail industries, creating an excellent and affordable benchmarking and management tool, with instant results.

  • For Salon Professionals: they test and prove competence in customer service, chair/couch-side etiquette, professionalism, selling ability, the ability to increase repeat business and the ability to market their own columns.
  • For Managers: they provide clear insight into areas of underperformance and why these are happening, allowing speedy intervention.
  • For Hair, Beauty and Nail College Tutors: PPCSEs present, for the first time, a practical tool to prepare students for the commercial realities of Salon life.

We offer 6 different PPCSEs, each designed for a specific industry sector, including Hairdressers, Colourists, Beauty Therapists, Nail Technicians and Barbers.

Importantly, there’s a PPCSE created purely for Receptionists working in Hair and Beauty. Why not? Presenting that all-important, first impression of a business’ customer service levels and professionalism, we’d be nuts to leave them out!

Benefits of using PPCSEs to test salon professionals.

Our online, multiple choice exams can be used at every stage throughout the development of your Salon Professionals:

  • As an aid to recruitment; our exams are a great compliment to the trade test.
  • For induction purposes.
  • When ending probation; PPCSEs make a revealing assessment tool, for helping you decide whether to make Salon Professionals a permanent part of your business.
  • During performance reviews.
  • Trouble shooting; should a staff member’s performance warrant detailed assessment, managers can sit in with them during the PPCSE exam. Areas requiring improvement will immediately reveal themselves.
  • An aid to promotion; when promoting staff to higher levels (e.g. stylist to style director or beauty therapist to senior therapist) the PPCSE is great for benchmarking and to prepare your junior staff just before they go on the salon floor as full time practitioners.
  • During disciplinary action; these exams present a fair and independent way to assess knowledge and understanding of what is being taught.
  • Assessing individual and team training requirements; annual allocation of training budgets can be tricky at the best of times, but the data from staff’s PPCSE results will point you in the right direction.

Important guidance for Managers using PHAB Exams!

  • Before starting the online exam, remember to connect the computer to your printer, so you can instantly print off your candidate’s Results Sheet.
  • Allow 40 minutes for candidates to complete the exam (‘though the average time is currently running at about 25 minutes). Most importantly, you must schedule time to discuss your candidates’ results immediately upon completion!
  • BEFORE printing off Results Sheets, and AS SOON AS candidates have completed the online examination, managers MUST join them, to discuss any questions answered incorrectly. Then they can identify helpful action, including further training requirements. Remember, a full list of reputable industry courses is published on the PHAB website.
  • Keep the Results Sheet as a permanent record of performance in your Employee File, for future reference.
  • Make a big fuss of your successful candidates! Our PPCSEs are not easy to ace (75% for a Pass mark, 84% for a pass with Merit and 93% for a pass with Distinction). So celebrate every success, these are real achievements with huge benefits for your business.
  • And remember that failure is not a disaster! It comes with detailed information on how to help your candidate get better and ultimately become a tip super practitioner. Plus we give you plenty of time to put matters right, allowing three months preparation before your candidate re-sits the same exam.
  • Your multi-tasking employees (stylists who are also colourists and undertake occasional reception duties, for example) will benefit from taking all PPCSE examinations relevant to those areas. And so will your business!

Here’s what Industry Professionals have to say about the Exams!

"At Kazumi we have put all our senior team through the PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams. The exam results have given us great insight into our team, their service knowledge and service awareness standards. The PHAB Exam results have identified that even though all the team are technically trained to a very high standard, they could be much stronger in the sell through of other salon services and professional home care products. The PHAB Exams have highlighted these areas clearly so we can now tailor our in-salon and carefully select our external training programs to focus on these specific areas. As a result of the PHAB Exams we hope to have an even more finely tuned, service focused and technically sound team than we already do!

Thank you PHAB Standard for this amazing in -salon tool."

Mark McCauley, Director, Kazumi Hair, Dublin Ireland


"We have been very impressed with the PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams(PPCSE) and can see many uses for it within our business. We intend to use the PPCSE to help with increasing our team's customer service skills and identifying areas for improvement. Moving forward we see the PHAB Exam playing a huge part in our recruitment strategy and intend to use it alongside our trade tests when deciding on a successful candidate. It is also a great aid and support when measuring if and when stylists are ready for a promotion. We can't wait to get started implementing the PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams in our salon!"

Luke Halford, Salon Owner, Shapes Salon, UK


"One of the greatest hurdles faced by Beauty Salon and Spa Managers worldwide is assessing their staff's customer service standards from behind closed doors. PHAB Standard has designed the first ever on-line, affordable and instant management tool called The PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exam (PPCSE). Specifically written for the Beauty Therapist, Nail technician and Salon/Spa Receptionist, the exam allows the manager to assess service capability, sales technique and etiquette instantly. PPCSE can be used  during a performance evaluation, at the time of recruitment and has several additional H.R. uses. PPCS Exams are your eyes in the treatment room! Brilliant!"

Gill Morris, Founding Director, GMT Tech


"I was very excited taking the PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exam. It is an amazing tool for salon professionals to be able to assess their own levels of customer care, professionalism and it makes you think about your attitude towards service. For me, completing the PHAB exam was a wake-up call! Sometimes we forget what behaving professionally means to our Industry. Taking the PHAB exam really shone a light on those vital aspects of our job and it will certainly help us salon professionals to improve our service and in the long run the professionalism of our Industry. Take the exam and find out if you really are a PHAB professional!"

Nataliya Onyshchenko, Nail technician, Edinburgh
Nataliya ia also a CND Shellac Education Ambassador, a Gold PHAB Standard Nail Professional and a Brisa Professional Award Winner 2010



The PHAB Professionalism & Customer Service Exams cost £18.00 per exam.

Exams are available for FREE to all Businesses with a valid PHAB Standard (up to the number of productive staff quoted in the business application).

Please be aware that the PHAB Exams are not available immediately. You do have to pre-order them and we endeavour to get them to you within 24 hours of purchase. We are working to get them to you much sooner and will keep you informed of our progress.