Do I Qualify?

Salon Professionals (Individual Applications)

To find out if you qualify for a Bronze, Silver or Gold PHAB Standard, consider the following:

  • How long you've been running a productive column, bearing in mind that a minimum of two years is required
  • You need to supply us with three details about your column. We then work everything out – you don’t have to do anything else. Based on the last six weeks of your salon work, the three details we need are:
    • The average total number of customers you see per day
    • The average number of those customers who are repeat, regular, recommended, requests or returning
    • The average number of those customers who buy home-care from you
  • Can you provide four good customer testimonials, from customers who have been coming to you for at least two years?
  • Can you provide the names of your top 3 suppliers together with their contact details as follows: Contact Name, daytime telephone number, email address and Skype identity.
  • And finally, can your salon manager or salon owner verify these points (and provide documentation/computer print-outs of these performance results if requested?)

Please see your individual pages for qualifying criteria.

And remember – now is a good time to apply, because as industry standards improve, PHAB Standard qualification levels will rise!