Barbers: What's PHAB to you?

You're a busy barber; you have great technical skills and always make your clients feel listened to, cared for and valued, thanks to brilliant customer care. You're keen to earn good money and to develop your career. You manage your column responsibly, pretty much as if it was your own business.

But how do you get recognition for your professionalism? And how do you explain your status to your industry contemporaries or your customers when you want to justify that you’re a cut above the ordinary, much better than others who are just happy to coast along?

You become a PHAB barber, that's how!

Because PHAB barbers
Prove they're better than average, with higher productivity and repeat business with their sights firmly set on excellence
Earn more money (in a commission-based industry) by taking time to discuss, understand and solve clients’ hair care issues, prescribing (not pushing) the correct home care products which vastly increases their retail sales
Provide a great service which encourages customer loyalty, their PHAB Standard reassuring clients they’re being looked after by an industry-recognised super barber, ensuring they'll return, time and time again
Are in a powerful position when it comes to employment and career matters. Having a PHAB Standard means chances of better job offers or negotiating a better salary as their career and their PHAB Standard – Bronze, Silver or Gold – develop alongside each other
Benefit from better earnings, greater customer loyalty, have a recognised career path and enjoy a higher profile in their salon and in the industry
Is this you? A successful PHAB barber differs from the ordinary by being
Reliable and punctual
Positive and welcoming
Highly skilled and knowledgeable
A good communicator via caring, perfected consultations
A brilliant listener with genuine interest
Image conscious and fashion aware
Inundated with recommendations!

The benefits of qualifying for a PHAB Standard

And if you earn the right to a PHAB standard, apart from your certificate to display in the salon, you will also recieve a PHAB ID card to keep in your purse or wallet so customers and employers can easily identify you as being a cut above the rest. In addition you will also get a little extra to support in the form of a 'fill in the blanks' press release which you can send to your local and trade press, to promote your professionalism and terrific acheivement.

We guide you on how to approach your local consumer press about your success, thereby giving you maximum exposure to your target clientele. We add your photograph and details on our website. We post your accomplishments on the consumer website so customers can find you and find out how great you are. We invite you to blog on and pin photos of your recent work on PHAB's Pinterest and Tumblr sites so consumers can get a feel for your style. Lastly, we encourage you to talk to us regularly on Twitter and Facebook so we can publicise your excellence!

Want to be recognised for your professional excellence? Then click this link for the next step towards earning a PHAB Standard