What is PHAB (pronounced Fab) exactly?

PHAB stands for Performance in Hair and Beauty; it’s a system for recognising great customer service and business performance, to help customers find the best salon professionals and businesses, and help employers to identify the best recruits for their business.

Every industry has a standard. Restaurants have Michelin ratings and hotels have AA or RAC stars. We think it’s time salon professionals had their own INTERNATIONAL STANDARD too!

Stylists, colourists, barbers, therapists and nail technicians all demonstrate excellent levels of performance day in, day out in a highly creative, customer-facing industry. Many are way better than just average, but to date, there’s never been a way of proving this to prospective customers, employers or simply themselves.

Well that’s all changed now, courtesy of PHAB – the industry standard that stylists, colourists, barbers, beauty therapists and nail technicians alike have been waiting for!

For salon professionals PHAB standards are achievable at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. They are awarded by measuring a combination of customer count, repeat customer visits and retail sales. The thinking here is that by providing outstanding professional services, great customer care and recommending the correct home care, clients return time and again, which proves the level of excellence of either an individual salon professional or a business.

Being equipped with a PHAB standard is a great way of evidencing professionalism – very helpful for customers choosing a new salon, spa, barbershop, nail-bar or salon expert and a great aid to owners recruiting new staff.

It’s here. It’s our future and it’s PHAB. Browse the website to see how to qualify, be proud of and promote your professional excellence!

Nergish Wadia-Austin, Chief Executive, PHAB Standard Ltd.