PHAB FAQs: Your Questions Answered

This is all very exciting, but we're sure you've got lots of questions to ask about PHAB. Here are just a few, to whet your appetite…

1. What benefits will my salon gain by qualifying for a PHAB standard?
The list is endless, please click here to view it: What's PHAB to you? - Salon Owners/Managers
2. How can I raise my team's performance levels using the PHAB Standard? 
Managers report a more competitive spirit and increased revenue generation after using the FREE management tool on our website to measure their stylists', beauty therapists' and nail technicians' performance. When some staff achieve a GOLD PHAB Standard and others don't, it creates healthy competition. This becomes even more noticeable and helpful to the business when managers announce that they will fund GOLD level PHAB Standard applications! No staff want to be left behind, so they all start going for Gold. Remember the individual application Fee of £99.00 is but a drop in the ocean compared to the increase in home-care sales, repeat business and client recommendations staff must generate to qualify.
3. How will PHAB differ from other hair and beauty standards?  
PHAB is a performance based standard, which means you have to qualify ( you can't just buy one). As industry standards rise PHAB Standards will always take you one step further, keeping you ahead of the competition.
4. I have just completed my hairdressing qualifications at a college. Can I sign up to get a PHAB Standard?
Congratulations! However, you need to have worked in a salon for at least 2 years to apply. At PHAB we believe great customer care comes with experience. So please adopt great customer care skills by working hard and visiting our website to access the PHAB Standard Toolkit which is a series of video training episodes that demonstrate industry best practice. Then in two years you will find it easy to qualify for a PHAB Standard.
5. Is PHAB legitimate? 
You only have to look at our industry backing page on this site to see who supports us.
6. HHow is PHAB going to manage quality control?

As Industry standards rise so will PHAB’s. A non-executive board of governors mentors our standards to make sure they are always fair and quality is maintained (these include the leading names in our industry). In addition to the prima facie checks on all facts submitted. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy but neither can any system. E.g. despite stringent police checks undesirables get jobs as child care workers.

So, while no system is ever 100% watertight, every care is taken to ensure that PHAB standard applications are authentic and truthful.

Our biggest gauge, of course, is the consumer who will have the ability to both praise and complain about PHAB salons/professionals and their service on the PHAB consumer website (in phase 2).

7. Can you buy a PHAB standard?
No, unless you qualify you will not be able to apply. This becomes evident when you enter your performance results.
A PHAB standard cannot be bought it must be earned!
8. Why should the industry back the PHAB standard?
This standard is independent and has been put together in consultation with the best in our hair, beauty and nail industry and was conceived by one of our leading practitioners and trainers, Nergish Wadia-Austin. Isn’t it great to have a performance standard that is designed for us, by us?
9. Why would business owners want to reveal important information about their business?

Firstly, all the information stored is in keeping with the Data Protection Act and will not be revealed or shared with anyone that is not directly involved with the application process at PHAB or our fulfilment house. Even the customers who provide the testimonials will only be contacted to confirm that testimonial only. The most important thing to remember is why a business owner records performance results? If they are doing it out of habit, to store, to criticise, to reveal annually, to fully utilise their computer programme, then the PHAB standard may not appeal to them. But if you want to use those numbers to grow your business, improve performance, create healthy competition, instil pride, accentuate the importance of numbers and tracking, develop team members that care about their performance results, be able to identify and reward high performers, compare your team to an independent PHAB standard, attract better applicants at the time of recruitment, attract customers because they want to seek out the best salons/spas/professionals… ….the list of benefits is endless …then this is the standard for you.

If privacy of your performance results is the most important issue, even more important than excellence, development and growth of your business and team, then the PHAB standard is not for you!

10. Why do we need an industry standard?

Other professions have standards, why not hair and beauty? A standard will encourage stylists and therapists to want to be better than average and become more profitable. This provides sound, financial justification and a logical structure for increasing pay levels within the industry. Frankly, our standard is long overdue!

11. Won’t attaining PHAB standards encourage my stylists to leave me?

Not if you’re rewarding them accordingly! And don’t think for one minute that PHAB will just drain all your profits through your payroll. A PHAB standard means your stylist is performing at a higher level and earning much more for the business. The equation will always balance out in your favour.

12. Is PHAB only for the UK market?

No, it is designed for the international market place and currently operates in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Australia. But if you are elsewhere and have a group of salons interested (minimum of 30) please contact us and we will be happy to consider bringing it your country.

Any questions?

If you have any other questions about PHAB we will, of course, be delighted to answer them for you. Simply email us or use our contact form.